Real Name: Paradox, aliases: Mr.E, Pierre Docks (civilian identity)

Height: 6'3'' Weight: ??? Threat Level: 7 Transhuman type: X

Group Affiliation: Former member of New Power Inc. Country of Origin: Unknown alien race

Powers and Abilities: As one of the original Elder Elemental Guards, Paradox possess several natural abilities bestowed to him by the Vanguards.
Paradox can travel trough self sustained flight, at speeds nearing sound barrier. He does not require nutrition nor sleep to sustain himself, as his body rejuvenates itself trough it's inner energies. He can lift weights above those of an average vehicle without effort, and does not seem to tire. His skin is covered by a thick, almost metallic hide, impenetrable to small projectiles, and he is impervious to physical pain as well as heat and cold burns (he is only immune to the feeling of pain, but his skin can still be damaged by fire or extreme cold, albeit much less so than a normal human).
Paradox's mind is shielded from mental probes by unknown means, despite his best efforts to allow telepaths into his mind. Additionally, Paradox seems to have an infinite memory, as he has shown the capacity to remember the entire history of the universe to the smallest detail, when in need. He can not however, remember his own history and origins.

In addition to his physical capabilities, Paradox also possess some remains of his powers as an Elder E-Guard.
When he was an Elder Guard, Paradox had a complete mastery over the primordial element of time. He could, theoretically, manipulate time to his will, both on a large scale of the entire continuum, and on the scale of an individual molecule in the present. This gave him the ability to time travel or move objects and living beings trough time, as well as change the way time affects a specific item or person. As an original Elder E-Guard, Paradox also possessed the ability to bestow parts of his powers upon other beings.

In the present, it is unclear whether Paradox has been banned from the use of these cosmic powers as part of his exile, or if he still possess these powers, but just does not remember his ability to use them. Nevertheless, Paradox still does have a little control over his ability to change how time affects a singular, specific element in the continuum. He can use this power to make an object or person age and decay in mere minutes, or stop the effects of time completely on an entity. He is even capable of having time both affect and not affect an object in the same moment, causing a space rift on that item and making it implode violently. It is unknown if he can use this ability on living beings, as Paradox has sworn not to use any of his powers on living creatures, due to his instinctive moral values.

Although Paradox can not time travel on his own, it seems that an higher power has some control over him. Unknown to any of those around him, Paradox is constantly being sent to different times and dimensions, where a space-time rift distortion has occurred. Although he can not understand why, Paradox knows he is sent to these places in order to fix these temporal inconsistencies. When he manages to complete his goal, he is sent back to earth, 21st century. The nature of these missions is unclear, and the mystery remains unsolved.

Special Equipment: Paradox wears an alien uniform of some sort, seemingly of an undefined metal, but it does not seem to possess any special properties.

History:  Several millenias ago, a group of cosmic beings known as the Vanguards founded the Elemental Guards, a gathering of remarkable champions destined to keep balance in the universe, empowered by the primordial elements of creation.
Paradox was one of those champions chosen by the Vanguards to serve their purpose of maintaining the balance of powers in the cosmos. Paradox received the power to master and manipulate time, and was one of the most powerful elders due to the nature of his power.
However, as powerful as he was, he was also the most helpless. To maintain the balance he was assigned to protect, Paradox was not allowed to use his powers on his own judgment. Any alteration of the time that was not meant to be, compromises the future and changes the purpose of things to come.
Paradox served the role of historian, architect of the past, the present and the future, and could only use his full powers when a temporal inconsistency occurred in the time dimensions (usually due to an in-balance of powers in the cosmos).

Paradox resisted the temptations of power and might, knowing that is immense power is null, and anything he does would result in it's own undoing. But even though Paradox understood his role and the greater goal of the E-Guards, his primitive moral values would come to the test as he would find himself in situations where he sees innocent and helpless beings finding horrible faith, knowing he has the power to stop and change these events.
In his hearth, Paradox cared not for the balance. He wished for good to triumph, and evil to fall. He wished to create an eternal heaven, but knew that the nature of time manipulation would result in the destruction of everything he creates, and the birth of anything he destroys.

And so it came one day that Paradox broke the balance. Having had to watch an innocent woman suffer an horrible faith, Paradox decided to undo the event, believing it to be unjust by his own morals, rather than the code of balance that the Vanguards created. In a single moment lasting only but a second, Paradox has created a temporal distortion that would forever move forward and alter the way time would react in various events. As a result, the balance of the cosmos was shaken beyond the control of the E-Guards, and Paradox was to blame.

Paradox was exiled from the E-Guards. Stripped of his cosmic consciousness, Paradox became amnesiac, remembering only historical facts of the universe, but none that related to him. He lost his knowledge of the use of his powers, and became nothing but a glimpse of his former self.For a reason yet unclear, Paradox's physical being was sent to the planet Earth, to the 21st century. The alien rocketed on earth, falling not far from the city of Chicago, USA. A group of heroes known as New Power Inc, a team consisting mostly of inhuman and social outcasts, came to find his body, and took him to their HQ, in hope to heal the near lifeless corpse. When Paradox awoke, empty of any memories, he was invited to stay with NPI until his memory returns. Not knowing where to go, Paradox agreed, and served as a member of NPI until the eventual disbanding of the team. Although he lost all his cosmic powers, his natural abilities were more than impressive, and Paradox served a welcome addition to the NPI roster, going under the name of Mr.E (because of his mysterious nature). While he knew nothing of himself, Paradox felt comfortable being a hero and helping innocent victims, and seemed to fit right in with the outcasts' team.

At the same time however, something else was happening with the exiled E-Guardian. At any random time, Paradox would find himself sent off to different time-lines and alternate realities, where things did not go historically as his memory foretold him. Paradox could not understand why or how did these events happen, and why was he never affected by the time-line changing. Despite his lack of comprehension, Paradox always felt the urge to fix the wrongs of these time-lines according to his memory, and when he managed to complete these apparent missions, he would be immediately be sent back to the second when he has left off on Earth (though not always to the same location, a fact which also contributed to his New Power friends calling him Mr.E). Although Paradox could not realize it, it seemed as if the E-Guards still required service from their exiled former, but could not allow his full return. As for the nature of his missions, it is highly probable that they are the direct result of the temporal distortion created by Paradox in the past.

As time on earth passed, Paradox discovered he had some powers beyond his physical capacities. Trough extreme concentration, he could make objects decay in mere seconds, or prevent them from aging at all. His powers also worked on humans, however Paradox would for ever refrain from using them on living beings, as he had once caused a man to die and decay in a second, and the result horrified him. Paradox learned to control these powers, but he never accessed the full potential he had as an E-Guard. Perhaps his full powers were stripped from him as part of his exile, but it is possible that it is just because of his amnesia that he can not recall his full capabilities.

It was only 3 months after his falling on earth, that Paradox was witness to an apocalyptic event. A time manipulating tyrant gathered several superpowered beings from earth into a great battle. His purpose was to gain the ability to create life, and use this ability in order to go back to the dawn of time, and recreate the world and the first men in his own image. He wanted to become God.

Among the summoned beings were the God empowered Moses and the immortal Quest, and the Alchemist, possessor of the Philosopher's Stone. The time manipulator annihilated all of his oposers, and found his wish in the Philosopher's Stone, who's ability to extract the Elixir of Life was far greater than the Alchemist imagined. The battle ended with the Stone coming to life as the 3rd Alchemist, defeating the tyrant, and bringing back to life all of the fallen heroes.
Paradox, then still going by the name of Mr.E, was not sent to this event as one of his missions to fix the temporal flows. He was there just to witness it. It was then that he gained knowledge of his true name- Paradox, and began to go by it (though he does not understand how he received the knowledge of it). Weakened and more confused than before, Paradox was sent back to his present, as if his mission was completed.

When Paradox got back to the real time, he did not return to the same second he left, like it always was before. He returned nearly a year after. He returned to Chicago, only to find out New Power Inc was disbanded, resulting from a temperament problem of House Quake, the team's leader, that caused an extreme earthquake which ravaged the area.

Paradox decided to continue his life, and move on to find his fate. He continued his role of a hero, even though he was no longer part of a team. He would often find himself teaming up with more well known heroes in their quests, helping them in hope that he could eventually help himself. He has been particularly felt drawn to the Kings siblings, better known as Fyrehawk, Sunbird and Powerplant, but he could never quite understand why. Nowadays Paradox is just another hero in the increasing collective of transhuman activist of the universe, heading forward towards an unknown future, one which might have extreme consequences for one such as he, an exiled being of cosmic origin.